Praxis Gallery

With a focus on process, Praxis gallery was established within Ampersand Inventions in 2014. Since opening its doors in 2012, Ampersand inventions has placed itself firmly within the artistic community of the North East, building an environment for both emerging and established artists to work and show in, as well as being a hotspot for lecturers and workshops. 

Situated on Pilgrim Street, Praxis takes you off the busy streets of Newcastle onto lush, faux grass floors and tempts you to think of artistic practice not just in terms of finished product, but also the actions and skills that got it there.  

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Artists studios

We provide a variety of studio spaces for artists and creatives, which enable them to expand their art practice and build on their creative pathways. The spaces are uniquely versatile and allow members to create, without the pressure to "tidy up", giving them the freedom to experiment and explore their daily practice. 



The project/performance space utilises the front area of the building overlooking Pilgrim Street. One wing of the front is dedicated to three lecture rooms and a large communal space. We also have a large lecture room that can be adapted to an art classes space. The project/performance space and lecture rooms are intended for use by groups from both within the building as well as external groups looking for both long and short-term projects. The back of the floor consists of studios for artists and other creative practitioners. 


The Fashion Lab

The Fashion Lab is the first cutting edge fashion department in the heart of Newcastle. Offering beginners and intermediate classes for those interested in specialist textiles, sewing, embroidery, embellishments and other fashion design workshops.